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Story about love…

Gentle moments of joy, happiness and love are some of the emotions that the Asta Studio team skilfully combines in its photographs so that newlyweds would preserve their special moments for eternity. What matters to us are details, those little things that loving couples share, the things they love about each other. The happy faces of newlyweds tell the story of their success – the story of true love.

We merge tradition and modernity through photographs of the most beautiful wedding customs. Although you may have the perfect dress, the perfect wedding suit, the biggest cake, the longest guest list, in the end what matters the most are the bride and the groom. One day when they will show their wedding album to their grandchildren, we want the photographs to tell the story of a couple that decided to crown their love and tell one another – you are the one I want to spend my life with. Love which exceeds time, love that really can’t be touched, but seen in the eyes of newlyweds, is what we want our photographs to capture.

We have discovered that weddings come in all the shapes and sizes, but what they all have in common is the great story of love told through family, friends, tears, laughter, celebration and happiness.

Precisely this is the story we want our photographs and video to tell.

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